Just starting out

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I just started as a volunteer, I’m so eager to get things going for our community and the location I’m at I can hit up several communities but I need some assistance. The link that was given has a lot to start with. What would u recommend to print ? What do u recommend to read and get really familiar with? Do we have merch? Could I make my own merch and donate all profits to you? I need a mentor lol please. This community is more important to me then anything other then my kids and I really wanna strive in it!

Thanks, Tiffany! Shortly, I will be sending out an invite for a June online brainstorming session where were can get volunteers together and talk about ways people can best get involved. Sound good? We are wrapping up the end of a homeschooling year here, and then I will have a moment to think. We have had people help with small projects, but the next step is to have more coordinated efforts.

Awesome I am looking forward to it !

Hello! I am looking forward to the same. Thank you